In addition to all our SLAMmin' activities, the American counselors will also conduct lessons. Students will attend 2 one hour English lessons a day on topics such as Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyles, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Teamwork and Sportsmanship, Respect for Others and Respect for Yourself.

The Nutrition lesson focuses on the importance of making healthy food choices, and how these choices can affect energy levels and mental functions throughout the day.

Healthy Lifestyles
The Healthy Lifestyles lesson presents a comprehensive definition of health as being more than physical. Students will learn the importance of balancing physical, mental and social health, and they will learn how to do this in their own lives.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
The Drug and Alcohol Awareness lesson goal is to discuss commons myths about drugs and alcohol in a friendly environment. Counselors will encourage students to ask questions and think critically about unhealthy drug and alcohol choices.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship
The Teamwork and Sportsmanship lesson addresses real life situations in the international political and sports realms when teamwork and good sportsmanship are lacking. Students will practice effective conflict management skills and analyze video clips of politicians and athletes who lack these skills.

Respect for Others
The Respect for Others lesson covers prejudice, stigma and discrimination, particularly in Ukraine. Students will learn how to identify these in their everyday lives and discuss the misconceptions that create them.

Respect for Yourself
The Respect for Yourself lesson is about self-confidence and body image. This lesson encourages students to find their self-worth through positive thinking and confidence building exercises that focus on each students' inherent uniqueness.