Kim Rosado, Director
Kim is from New York City and lives in Konotop, Ukraine,
where she works as a community development volunteer.
She likes driving race cars.

Paula Osborn, Co-Director of Sports
Paula is from Albequerque, New Mexico and lives in Lozuvatka, Ukraine.
She likes to go cliff diving.

Jessica Gilles, Co-Director of Curriculum
Jessica is from Nashville, Tennessee and lives in Novoazovsk.
She  teaches English in Ukraine and is a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter,
especially when they are together.
Tammela Platt, Co-Director of Camp Activities
Tammela is from Rochester, New York, and she lives in Sniatyn in the Ivano Frankivska oblast.
She is an English teacher in Ukraine,
and her name means "meadow of oak" in Finnish.

Amanda Nelson-Duac, Counselor
Amanda is from Texas, and she currently lives in Pltava, Ukraine.
She is an English teacher and taught in New York City for 2 years.
She's also lived in 7 countries.

Rocky Esposito, Counselor
Rocky is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in yet another mystery. Some say that he's a savant concert pianist from the mean streets of Las Vegas. Others say he's a Nobel-prize winning chemist from Switzerland. These people are almost certainly wrong. Currently, he teaches English at a specialized language school in Gorlovka, Ukraine. Rocky enjoys reading, writing, traveling and engaging in scenic fencing matches on mountain precipices. 

Julia Benson, Counselor
Julia is from Hartford, Wisconsin, and she lives in Mankivka, Ukraine.
She is an English teacher, and her favorite Ukrainian animal is the hedgehog.

Katelyn Reitz, Counselor
Katelyn is from Muskego, Wisconsin and is now living in Gorlovka, Ukraine.
She likes to travel, read and frolic.

Halyley Caldwell, Counselor
Hayley is from Alabama, and she lives in Novoazovsk, Ukraine.
She is a youth development volunteer and loves to country line-dance.

Bri Baricevic, Counselor
Bri is from Fairview Hieghts, Illinois and currently
lives in Verknedneprovsk, Ukraine.
She enjoys running, playing soccer and reading.

Matt Breznai, Counselor
Matt is from Cleveland, Ohio and lives in Sambir, Ukraine.
He is an English teacher at a pedagogical college,
and he has trained both Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal. 

Kaity Hauter, Counselor
Kaity is from Virginia and lives in Dniprovska.
She is a TEFL volunteer and likes to row.

Chris Lowe, Counselor
Chris is from Palestine, Texas and lives in Poltava, Ukraine.
 He is 27 years old and is a TEFL volunteer.
Chris plays guitar and likes to draw.

Joe Miller, Counselor
Joe is from Minnesota and lives in Konstantynivka.
He is a  TEFL volunteer and has a hairless cat.
(Editor's Note: Eww.)

Mark Dodson, Little Kids Counselor Extraordinaire
Mark is from Pensylvania and lives in Konstantinovka.
Mark works at the Technicum hosting Camp SLAM, and he likes baseball.

Elise Stephens, Counselor
Elise claims the entire state of Ohio as her homeland and
currently resides in Donetsk. She enjoys running, making crafts,
attempting to play guitar and prancing in the nature.

Kurt Fogleman, Counselor
Kurt is from Kentucky and lives in Kaminet-Podilsky.
He's a TEFL volunteer and lived in Kenya, Africa for 10 years as a child.